Should grade 12 University level English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?

As a student who is trying to pursue his dreams and hoping to make it to university, I believe grade 12 University level English should be a mandatory requirement for entry into any university programs.


This picture shows that Canada is a diverse and multi-cultural country.

First of all, we live in a society which is very diverse and multicultural, some individuals may know how to speak multiple languages but the English language is the most essential for all of us to communicate with one another. Whether it be applying for work or taking different university programs, English is the commonality between them. It is very important to communicate effectively and understand one another in order to explain your ideas thoroughly. English allows you to do so through the mechanism of effective writing skills. They allow an individual to successfully convey his/her thoughts and ideas. It is also important to have effective writing skills if you’re taking university programs which require taking notes(almost all programs). Effective writing skills will be a huge help to create detailed and organized notes on lectures and demonstrations.


This picture shows that it is a must to take grade 12 English University course to get in the program.

On a more personal choice, I’m planning to go to health sciences, which will definitely include many lab reports. This means studying this course is vital in order to practice my writing and communication skills alongside proper grammar, sentence structure and formatting. This course grade 12 university English is also very necessary for me because it is one of the requirements in order to apply for the program. As far as I know about this program, I believe the lectures will get even harder which means I need to have good reading skills to assure that I fully understand the course concepts.


This picture shows the variety of jobs or professions in the work field.

Currently, as a student who is enrolled in this course, my point of view of this has shaped of how beneficial and the importance of this course. However, some students may think that this course is not necessary for them and it is just a waste of time in any way whatsoever. But I strongly disagree with them because, in the future reference, they will have to encounter making resumes and interviews for applying for a job. Think about the emails that you have to compose, I think that this course is necessary for them in order to meet their boss’ expectation in the work field. Communication is the key to have a successful career in whatever field you happen to be in and excelling in this area would improve and enhance one’s communication techniques for the betterment for themselves and for the company that they are working in.

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success” (Meyer). Based on what Meyer said, the stepping stone and foundation of success in any area is communication. And what better way than to experience an enriching course which sets you in your future endeavours? All in all, I strongly recommend that grade 12 University level English is most definitely a requirement for entry into all university programs due to the widespread use and the benefits of the course.

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