Adnan Syed’s Innocence


The murder case of Adnan Syed,

Before I give my personal opinion about this case, I want to talk about the basic principles of criminal law. One of the basic principles is the Presumption of innocence: “holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged” (“Presumption of innocence”).

I have kept this basic principle in mind while presuming Adnan’s guilt or innocent – and I’m firm in believing he is innocent. There are reasons why I believe Adnan is innocent, so what exactly are the reasons?


The first reason is regarding about his memory that day. When I was listening to the podcast, Koneig’s voice sounded angry with Adnan’s inability to remember as to what he was doing the day of Hae’s disappearance. Adnan is more frustrated than anyone because he cannot remember any significant evidence which could solve the case as to who murdered Hae. I think that the reason why Adnan couldn’t remember anything on that day is that there was no significance to the day of Hae’s disappearance. He would definitely remember something if there was a significant event that occurred that day. Adnan was just living his normal life, he says: “the only thing I can say is, man, it was just a normal day to me. There was absolutely nothing abnormal about that day” (Koenig). For instance, if my friend asks me what I did a month ago, I would not be able to recall it unless there was something significant that day. If Adnan did murder Hae that day, then he should have said something that he could manipulate to give him advantage, however, he isn’t doing it. Which leads me to believe that he clearly does not remember anything.



The next reason is regarding Asia McClain’s testimony. McClain says: “…Adnan came in. He sat at the table. And we weren’t really close friends or anything like that, but we knew each other. And we chatted or whatever. I know school let out around 2:15. So it was probably around 2:30” (Koenig). Listening to what Asia said makes me think that she could just possibly be lying just to protect Adnan. When the judge denied Adnan’s petition to bring Asia to the court because Asia’s letter did not state the exact time and her statement could be just a lie for the sake of Adnan. It makes me wonder why she would go this far and lie even though she said that “we were not really close friends”. But why lie protecting someone she doesn’t know very well? In my opinion, Asia is not lying because you cannot just lie just to protect someone you barely even know in your life. I completely believe her words because she did not change her statement even after 15 years. She remembers everything that day because there was something significant that day, she remembers that her boyfriend was late and the very first snow fall of the year. Considering that something significant happened to her that day, I assume that she definitely remembers that Adnan was there during the day of Hae’s disappearance. Of course, I can’t really say for sure because the case rotates around the time frame or else Adnan would not be in jail.


Lastly, my last reason is regarding Jay’s testimony and the lack of evidence. The testimony of Jay against Adnan is weak and what frustrates me the most is that the court is considering Jay’s testimony even though there is no any physical evidence. Jay says: “(Adand) opens the trunk. And all I can see is Hae’s lips are all blue, and she’s pretzeled up in the back of the trunk. And she’s dead” (Koenig). I believe there should be more evidence, but there is none. There was no evidence that Hae’s body was “pretzeled up in the back of the trunk”. If he did bury her, where are the shovels? There was no evidence of the shovels, even though there isn’t more evidence, the witness’s statement gets more credit than the physical evidence. Also, Jay says: “Adnan told me that I had to take him back to school because he needed to be seen there” (Koenig). I wonder why Jay did not call the police right away when Adnan was at school.

All in all, Jay did not admit that Adnan killed Hae but he is basically conveying that he helped him bury her body. I believe more of Asia Mclean’s testimony than Jay’s because his story cannot be backed up and there was no physical evidence.

Therefore, these are the reasons why I believe Adnan Syed is innocent. Accusing a person as guilty without clear evidence is seen as completely biased for the public. Adnan Syed will continue to remain innocent unless the State of Maryland can provide clear evidence to prove that he is guilty of Hae’s murder.

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