Adnan Syed’s Innocence


The murder case of Adnan Syed,

Before I give my personal opinion about this case, I want to talk about the basic principles of criminal law. One of the basic principles is the Presumption of innocence: “holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged” (“Presumption of innocence”).

I have kept this basic principle in mind while presuming Adnan’s guilt or innocent – and I’m firm in believing he is innocent. There are reasons why I believe Adnan is innocent, so what exactly are the reasons?


The first reason is regarding about his memory that day. When I was listening to the podcast, Koneig’s voice sounded angry with Adnan’s inability to remember as to what he was doing the day of Hae’s disappearance. Adnan is more frustrated than anyone because he cannot remember any significant evidence which could solve the case as to who murdered Hae. I think that the reason why Adnan couldn’t remember anything on that day is that there was no significance to the day of Hae’s disappearance. He would definitely remember something if there was a significant event that occurred that day. Adnan was just living his normal life, he says: “the only thing I can say is, man, it was just a normal day to me. There was absolutely nothing abnormal about that day” (Koenig). For instance, if my friend asks me what I did a month ago, I would not be able to recall it unless there was something significant that day. If Adnan did murder Hae that day, then he should have said something that he could manipulate to give him advantage, however, he isn’t doing it. Which leads me to believe that he clearly does not remember anything.



The next reason is regarding Asia McClain’s testimony. McClain says: “…Adnan came in. He sat at the table. And we weren’t really close friends or anything like that, but we knew each other. And we chatted or whatever. I know school let out around 2:15. So it was probably around 2:30” (Koenig). Listening to what Asia said makes me think that she could just possibly be lying just to protect Adnan. When the judge denied Adnan’s petition to bring Asia to the court because Asia’s letter did not state the exact time and her statement could be just a lie for the sake of Adnan. It makes me wonder why she would go this far and lie even though she said that “we were not really close friends”. But why lie protecting someone she doesn’t know very well? In my opinion, Asia is not lying because you cannot just lie just to protect someone you barely even know in your life. I completely believe her words because she did not change her statement even after 15 years. She remembers everything that day because there was something significant that day, she remembers that her boyfriend was late and the very first snow fall of the year. Considering that something significant happened to her that day, I assume that she definitely remembers that Adnan was there during the day of Hae’s disappearance. Of course, I can’t really say for sure because the case rotates around the time frame or else Adnan would not be in jail.


Lastly, my last reason is regarding Jay’s testimony and the lack of evidence. The testimony of Jay against Adnan is weak and what frustrates me the most is that the court is considering Jay’s testimony even though there is no any physical evidence. Jay says: “(Adand) opens the trunk. And all I can see is Hae’s lips are all blue, and she’s pretzeled up in the back of the trunk. And she’s dead” (Koenig). I believe there should be more evidence, but there is none. There was no evidence that Hae’s body was “pretzeled up in the back of the trunk”. If he did bury her, where are the shovels? There was no evidence of the shovels, even though there isn’t more evidence, the witness’s statement gets more credit than the physical evidence. Also, Jay says: “Adnan told me that I had to take him back to school because he needed to be seen there” (Koenig). I wonder why Jay did not call the police right away when Adnan was at school.

All in all, Jay did not admit that Adnan killed Hae but he is basically conveying that he helped him bury her body. I believe more of Asia Mclean’s testimony than Jay’s because his story cannot be backed up and there was no physical evidence.

Therefore, these are the reasons why I believe Adnan Syed is innocent. Accusing a person as guilty without clear evidence is seen as completely biased for the public. Adnan Syed will continue to remain innocent unless the State of Maryland can provide clear evidence to prove that he is guilty of Hae’s murder.

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Personal Response to the Serial Podcast Episode

mysterIn my experience, I never liked listening to a podcast but this episode changed my point of view. I’ve always loved and a big fan of murder mysteries, especially the movies that are related to crime or murder. Podcasts, however, haven’t been my personal preference but there are a couple of interesting things in this serial episode that surprised me.

When the podcast starts, the recording already caught my attention. Hearing Adnan’s voice and the music in the background really polished it. The emotions I heard were ranged from curious to impatient to frustration and then judgement. Serial use witnesses, real life examples/experiences to engage with the listener and it is the reason why I like this podcast. This method of investigative journalism is brilliant. I think that this investigative format is really depending on the individuals whether they like it or not. Although, many people might dislike this format, this podcast format ties in aspects that there are a lot of individuals who can relate it to. Asking questions to the listeners using a tone that invokes emotions put journalism on a level which other formats can’t easily do. It is harder to carry out emotions through reading than to actually hear the suffering, misery, pain in a podcast.

famiThe negative side about this topic regarding this podcast is the impact of the victim’s family. The host mentions; “They told me about Adnan Syed… when he was arrested for murder, so many people who know him were stunned” (Koenig). Anan’s Family are sad and in pain after hearing the news. I personally can’t imagine how they felt after knowing what he’s been through when he was asleep and taken straight to jail. This kind of memories would be impossible to forget because it is very upsetting to the family. The fact that the public knows about it is even worst because people will keep discussing it there will be even more bad memories. Although, this serial is to raise awareness about the case, but it is more upsetting to Adnan’s family.

Also, there are some memories that are unforgettable, there are also memories which cannot be remembered.  The host of the podcast starts with a discussion about the challenges of memory and I think that I remember things quite well. I tend to have a strong visual memory especially the ones that are significant to remember. For example, I remember all the birth dates in my family. When I was listening to the podcast, I wonder that what if he remembered the day when Hae was murdered. Adnan’s memory is the only thing that could help him. book

At first, I would prefer reading than listening because reading is the traditional way for people to educate themselves. However, reading is the void of emotions because the voice can’t be felt from the person who is sharing the experience. But overall, the two methods have their own benefits so it is most likely a preference choice. Now that heard the podcast, I personally like audio because of the tone that invokes real emotions.

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The Glass Castle Archetypes and Symbol


When examining “The Glass Castle” from an archetypal lens, it carries a variety of different archetypal characters and their journeys throughout the novel.

trh_the_heros_journey_artwork-2-To start off, the main character of the story is the author, Jeannette Walls. She falls under the heroic archetypal type, she resembles this because she is forgiving, generous, brave, smart, and independent. Although the protagonist was conveyed as a child in the first half of the book, the young age does not define her maturity. She lives in a household where her parents give her very little support at a young age. Throughout the novel, the main character has challenged with many obstacles throughout her life, however, she overcame these challenges by staying true to herself and brave which makes her a hero. An example of a heroic statement which was shown by the protagonist was when she was about four years old and she got caught in a fire for the second time. The protagonist later then states after the incident: “I wondered if the fire had been out to get me. I wondered if all fire was related… like the fire that had burned me that day while I cooked hot dogs… I didn’t have the answers to those questions, but what I did know was that I lived in a world that at any moment could erupt into a fire. It was the sort of knowledge that kept you on your toes” (Walls 45). Considering the fact that she was only four years old when this incident happened, this statement alone shows how the protagonist resembles a heroic archetype who is willing to carry on and to never give up. I certainly doubt that most kids at this young age would turn this incident into a life evaluation.

JourneyAlso, another example of a heroic act that is shown by the protagonist would be when the Walls family moves to Welch, “on Jeannette’s first day of school, she gets attacked and bullied by Dinitia and some of her other classmates” (Walls 139).  After what happened, she doesn’t even hold a grudge towards her bullies, she always stays positive despite her hardships. She forgives them easily because of how much a kind-hearted person she is. Throughout the protagonist’s circumstances, it allows readers to know her desperate situation of life, which makes her a great candidate for a heroic archetype. Furthermore, the protagonist in this story has similar traits to the famous leading character from the Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen is a young independent girl whose days were difficult and trying to keep her family alive, until at the age of 16, she volunteered for a life and death adventure and performed the responsibilities of being a daughter and a sister (Hunger Games Wiki). katnissJeannette Walls and Katniss Everdeen has a lot in common in a way that they started off small, yet later on, their journeys have changed drastically that goes from innocence to experience. The two leading characters both experienced poverty and they continually fight for survival and overcoming challenges that were in their ways. Jeannette Walls is constantly fighting the struggles and dealing with it knowing the situation that her family is in: “We liked our boxes. They made going to bed seem like adventure”(Walls 68). Jeannette knowing that her family is in a bad state, she accepts it and tries to make the situation in the best way possible when she states that “bed seem like adventure”(Walls 68). Again, this shows Jeannette’s power as an archetypal hero that she can handle the tough state she’s in and turn it into an adventure.

Furthermore, Rex Walls, who is the Father of Jeannette resembles a manipulator or evil archetypal type. He is the type of person who manipulates people with his charming words, especially with his daughter. He is an alcoholic, but he loves his kids more than anything. Even though, he loves his kids it doesn’t change the fact that he resembles a bad character. He takes advantage of his daughter considering that Jeannette is a very soft, kind-hearted person. When his wife, Rose Mary is away from school, Rex knows that Jeannette is in charge of the money. He takes advantage of Jeannette and asks if he could have some of the money for alcohol and cigarettes. Fortunately for Rex, Jeannette gives the money to him since she is a kind-hearted person. Also, Rex showed evil traits when they were in the car heading out and Jeannette states: “Quixote landed with a screeching meow and thud, Dad accelerated up the road, and I burst into tears” (Walls 32). Rex threw the cat out of the car, which causes harm to the cat and to his kids by taking away something that is close to them.

On the contrary, examining the symbol in the novel. The first one that comes to my mind is the Glass Castle. It was first shown in the novel when Jeannette states: “Dad was telling us about the wondrous things he was going to do, like build the Glass Castle… a great big house he was going to build for in the dessert” (Walls 100). Rex is the one who designs it to illustrate his fantasies and dreams. It could also symbolize hope for his family to strive back to the real world. I think that Jeannette will realize it by the time she is mature and understand that the Glass Castle will never come to its existence.

Therefore, Jeannette’s story definitely resembles a heroic archetypal type while her father showed the opposite. From what we’ve learned so far, we can guess that Jeannette will certainly confront his Father in the upcoming future when she is ready and has a very mature mindset. The first half of the book has many great examples of archetypes to showcase one’s character. Allowing the readers to understand more about the characters and the plot of the novel a lot more. I am personally excited to see what’s next and showcase other lenses that can be used to better my understanding to this emotional novel.


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Should grade 12 University level English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?

As a student who is trying to pursue his dreams and hoping to make it to university, I believe grade 12 University level English should be a mandatory requirement for entry into any university programs.


This picture shows that Canada is a diverse and multi-cultural country.

First of all, we live in a society which is very diverse and multicultural, some individuals may know how to speak multiple languages but the English language is the most essential for all of us to communicate with one another. Whether it be applying for work or taking different university programs, English is the commonality between them. It is very important to communicate effectively and understand one another in order to explain your ideas thoroughly. English allows you to do so through the mechanism of effective writing skills. They allow an individual to successfully convey his/her thoughts and ideas. It is also important to have effective writing skills if you’re taking university programs which require taking notes(almost all programs). Effective writing skills will be a huge help to create detailed and organized notes on lectures and demonstrations.


This picture shows that it is a must to take grade 12 English University course to get in the program.

On a more personal choice, I’m planning to go to health sciences, which will definitely include many lab reports. This means studying this course is vital in order to practice my writing and communication skills alongside proper grammar, sentence structure and formatting. This course grade 12 university English is also very necessary for me because it is one of the requirements in order to apply for the program. As far as I know about this program, I believe the lectures will get even harder which means I need to have good reading skills to assure that I fully understand the course concepts.


This picture shows the variety of jobs or professions in the work field.

Currently, as a student who is enrolled in this course, my point of view of this has shaped of how beneficial and the importance of this course. However, some students may think that this course is not necessary for them and it is just a waste of time in any way whatsoever. But I strongly disagree with them because, in the future reference, they will have to encounter making resumes and interviews for applying for a job. Think about the emails that you have to compose, I think that this course is necessary for them in order to meet their boss’ expectation in the work field. Communication is the key to have a successful career in whatever field you happen to be in and excelling in this area would improve and enhance one’s communication techniques for the betterment for themselves and for the company that they are working in.

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success” (Meyer). Based on what Meyer said, the stepping stone and foundation of success in any area is communication. And what better way than to experience an enriching course which sets you in your future endeavours? All in all, I strongly recommend that grade 12 University level English is most definitely a requirement for entry into all university programs due to the widespread use and the benefits of the course.

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